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Shenzhen Shinepoint Electronic Co.,Ltd Quality Control

SC (Supply Chain):We have built a powerful supply chain/network, we have a material inspection team/office to make sure the material what we receive with very decent quality.

QM(Quality management:Our aging test time won’t be less than 72 hours to to guarantee the screen more stable before shipment.

TS(Terms and Service:

Warranty:We will prepare the spare parts for our customers(usually 10% quantity of the total square meters) ‚ The damaged parts can be returned and replaced within 2 years.ƒ We have a 2-year warranty for our led display screen, and 100,000 hours life span of the led lamps.

Installation  Most of our products are designed to be easy-installation. ‚We will make installation videos and images for our customers when we simulate the installation in our workshop. ƒThe screen what we sent is already finished installation, what our customers should to do is connect the cable, and wiring drawing will be supplied. „ If you really have difficulty in installing, we can use the team-viewer to remote control, or we will arrange for our engineers to install and debug it.

ME(Markets Experience

Our customers cover in Contractors, Media, stadium, Shopping mall, Commercial buildings and so on in your markets, you could go see the on-site projects for your reference, I think it will much helpful for your projects.

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